The Russian Prophet

L.C. Thomas

       I don't know Josyp (Joseph) Terelya personally, but in my opinion he must be a man of great character. Anyone that will spend 23 years in prison being tortured for what he believes in can't have enough praise heaped on him. Most men would have renounced their religious beliefs long before and been done with it. A native of the Ukraine, he was imprisoned by the Communist Party for actively supporting the Church during the darkest days of the Cold War. They couldn't break him, so they exiled him. He now lives in Toronto, Canada, free to worship the way he pleases. I want to congratulate him on his achievement and wish him well with his new life.

       I first became aware of Joseph while watching Ancient Prophecies, which aired in four separate two-hour specials made for television beginning in 1994. While in prison he began having visions of the future. One of those visions is the reason I'm writing this article. I don't know exactly when his visions occurred, but the television special aired at least five years ago. What he revealed on the program pertained to the future of Russia, and according to recent news events, it looks like his prediction is coming to pass.

       As he spoke, my first impression was that he was revealing two separate visions. However, after further consideration I believe he may have been giving two-parts of a single vision instead. What he said was this. "There will be a great flame or fire in southern Russia. A person will appear called Vladimir, who will call on Russia to destroy Israel." If this is two separate prophecies, then the first half may be about the countries along Russia's southern border, which have become increasingly unstable since the fall of the Soviet Union. This is self-evident with the ongoing conflict between the Muslim rebels and Russian forces in Chechnya. I think we can all agree that war on a grand scale could erupt in that part of the world at any moment.

        I don't believe however, that Russia will produce the great flame that Joseph predicts by using missiles from its own nuclear arsenal that close to its own border. I would be more inclined to believe that a nuclear exchange could take place between India and Pakistan somewhere near Kashmir, which is close enough to southern Russia to fulfill Joseph Terelya's prophecy. Recent news stories, such as the military take over of Pakistan's government should be putting everyone on alert to this possibility.

       Another scenario could be an alliance between the terrorist factions in Afghanistan and the new military regime of Pakistan. Some of these radical groups are joining the fight in Chechnya just as they did in Afghanistan back in the 1980's. Right now Pakistan is the only Muslim nation in the world with nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. Because some upstanding world citizen sold them this technology, the possibility now exists that they will either use these weapons on another country, or, they may decide to sell the technology to someone else in the region such as Iran or Iraq.

       The point I'm trying to make is this. It will be just such an event that triggers World War III, and it is World War III that opens the door for the Antichrist and his fellow conspirators to take over the world. In fact, it is my opinion that the Nuclear Genie was released from the bottle and allowed to fall into the hands of countries like India and Pakistan for just that reason.

       Now that I have made some suggestions about what Joseph Terelya's vision might mean if it is interpreted separately, I want to examine what it may mean if both parts are interpreted as one vision. It was the second half of Joseph's vision that stuck in my memory, and that is the part I remembered when I saw the man he had predicted appear on the nightly news.

       If you follow Bible prophecy at all, you know its scholars believe that Russia will march against Israel in the last days. The second half of Joseph's prophecy would seem to agree with them, but as I stated in my two previous articles, I believe the invasion of Israel will be only a single part of a much larger plan that the Bible foretells, because Daniel the prophet describes the Antichrist entering Israel on at least two separate occasions. The first time is in the latter years when he will be invited in by the people of Israel after the league made with him in Daniel 11:23. The league is a peace treaty that he helps negotiate after being among a group of nations defending Israel in World War III. Then shall he return into his land with great riches; and his heart shall be against the holy covenant; and he shall do exploits, and return to his own land. At the time appointed he shall return, and come toward the south; but it shall not be as the former, or as the latter, Daniel 11:28-29.

        What Daniel said in verse twenty-nine is that the Antichrist will first be allied with one group, as the former, then he will be allied with a second group, the latter, and when he enters Israel at the time appointed he won't be allied with either of his former partners because he will have weakened them both by pitting them against each other in World War III. The tactic is called triangulation and the Antichrist will use it to elevate the kingdom of the ten horns to the most powerful group of nations on the planet.

        In another segment from the Ancient Prophecies series, a group of Rabbi's that study a form of Jewish mysticism called Kabbalah had this to say. Our prophecies teach that the enemies of Israel will attack Israel in the middle of the night with a major chemical and biological attack. And the numbers of casualties will be tremendous. Israel will respond strategically with nuclear weapons, the beginning of World War III. Israel's response with nuclear weapons could tie this prophecy to the vision of Joseph Terelya. Especially if one of the countries attacked by Israel with nuclear weapons is Iran or Afghanistan. Both are potential targets and both countries are located on the southern border of Russia. A nuclear attack that close to home would be political justification for an attack on Israel by the Russian people that would be hard for the United Nations to argue with.

       Furthermore, Nostradamus predicted a conflict as just described in quatrain C2 Q95. The two will not remain allied for long, Within 13 years they give in to Barbary power: There will be such a loss on both sides, That one will bless the bark of Peter and the cape of the pope. The last line of this quatrain is referring to the Pope that will succeed John Paul II. He will be called Peter of Rome and he has obviously taken John Paul II's place in this quatrain. If the two is referring to the United States and Russia, our two countries became allied again in 1989 at the end of the Cold War. If the end of the Cold War is indeed what Nostradamus was writing about in this quatrain, then 13 years from that date puts the end of our current relationship with Russia in the year 2002 by our calendar, and the year 2001 or 5762 by the Jewish calendar. An exact match to the date given in the Bible for war to begin in Israel.

       In A Brief Look At Tomorrow I revealed how the Antichrist was connected to the G-7 nations and Russia through a secret sect of men known in the Bible as the ten horns. What isn't in the book is the identity of some of these men because they came to power after the book was written. Because we at The Night Watchman knew that the events of the latter years were going to continue unraveling over a long period of time, we decided to continue what we started in A Brief Look At Tomorrow here on the Internet because we can keep you updated faster this way than if I take the time to write another book. So if you find the web site helpful, I hope you will donate to the cause by purchasing a copy of the book. That way you can return the favor by supporting our efforts.

        Because you are reading this you have more than likely been to other sites of this type, so me mentioning the New World Order will not come as much of a surprise to you. Because the Antichrist was placed into his present position of power by men who embrace this goal, I think we can safely assume that his cohorts are cut from the same mold.

       One man that I identified in my book, who was responsible for putting the Antichrist into his present position of power is Helmut Kohl, former Chancellor of Germany. When he was defeated in his last bid for reelection though, I couldn't figure out what was going on. At least not until NATO celebrated its 50th anniversary in Europe earlier this year. The Antichrist was there, and as I watched him on television he answered a reporters question during a press conference. As he gave his answer he leaned out over the podium slightly, looked the reporter directly in the eyes and said, "The old order, has not yet been replaced by the new one". It was with that answer that I fully understood why Helmut Kohl wasn't reelected, and at the same time I realized what the final sign was that would signal the beginning of the end.

       You see, the leadership of the Antichrist's secret sect is currently undergoing a change of the guard (renewing itself), which for the moment is keeping the world safe. But once all the new leaders have been moved into place it will be time to begin making the final preparations for the war that will lead mankind into the New World Order.

       And if you've watched Boris Yeltsin's grip on power deteriorate over the past few years, then you've known for sometime that a change of leadership in Russia will take place anytime now. With that change in leadership Joseph Terelya's prophecy will in part have come to pass, because Boris Yeltsen, the latest retiring member of the Antichrist's sect named his hand picked replacement earlier this year to the office of Prime Minister. His name is Vladimir Putin! It's just a matter of time now before the right circumstances unfold and he calls upon the Russian people to invade Israel dragging the United States into World War III.

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