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The New Millennium         Fireworks heralded their day, Returned have eight to prepare the way.   The New Millennium         The New Millennium



Fireworks heralded their day, Returned have eight to prepare the way,

Blue light from above sets the course,

As death retreats before Michael's presence,

He'll walk and talk with all those who wish,

Oh what joy, this age shall be!


      The Second Milios is a poem written by Gordon-Michael Scallion. It is from his book Notes From The Cosmos, which you can obtain from his web site ( should you want to check out more of his work. I don't agree with his spiritual beliefs, but that's the greatest gift America as a country has given all of us who live here. The freedom to believe as we wish, and the freedom to express those beliefs without being persecuted.

     Mr. Scallion received this message as he was about to publish his book in 1997 and almost didn't include it because of publishing deadlines. At the time he didn't understand what it meant but he felt that he should include it in his book anyway because his inner voice was telling him that others might be able to assist in understanding its meaning. It's a good thing for you and me that he did, because baring the prophecies of the Bible and Nostradamus, it is one of the most accurate clues about the end times that we in The Guard Tower have received to date.

     If you haven't already read The Night Watchman, then please go back and read it. If you have, then you will remember that I included part of The Second Milios in the first article, One If By Land, Two If By See. And if you read all three articles you will recognize that what I'm about to say relates especially to the The Russian Prophet and Joseph Terelya's prophecy.

     In The Russian Prophet, I stated that it was just a matter of time before Boris Yeltsen stepped down and Vladimir Putin took office. I also said that once Vladimir came to power, it would mark the beginning of the end. On New Years Eve 1999, Boris Yeltsen resigned and Vladimir Putin became the president of Russia. Yeltsen was forced to resign or face prosecution for pocketing money that was supposed to help his country make the transition to a capitalist economy. He was set up from behind the scenes by fellow members of the secret society to which he belongs because they had a deadline they wanted to meet and Boris didn't want to step down. That deadline was New Years Eve and they wanted all of their new people in place at the beginning of the New Year to begin a New Century and a new thousand year reign (The Third Millennium)! Sound familiar? It should, Hitler tried the same thing  a generation ago but called it The Third Reich.

     I mentioned in One If By Land, Two If By See, that ones and zeros were most important numbers in relationship to the Antichrist. At midnight on New Years Eve 1999, we entered a point in time that Satan and his angels considered to be absolute zero! And as I stated before One emerges from nothing so consider this. On May 5, 2000, the planets of our universe will line up in a single row and point at the Sun. The Antichrist was born under the astrological sign of Leo and his ruling planet is the Sun. The symbol for the Sun is a circle or zero with a single dot in the middle of it. It represents One emerging from an empty universe. Therefore the leaders of the G-7 nations plus Russia (the eight), wanted to make sure that when they entered this point in time and emerged on the other side, it would be as One.

     It should be obvious to anyone who watched that night, that the New Millennium was of the utmost importance to the sect of The Red Rose because they spent up to 3 years in advance of this date preparing their fireworks displays to celebrate the event. If you watched as each country around the globe entered what they considered to be the New Millennium, you saw one dazzling fireworks display after another.

     So I would like to thank Gordon-Michael Scallion for including The Second Milios in his book, because if he hadn't, the changing of the guard among the Children of the Sun might have passed into history unnoticed for what it really was. But thanks to the never ending arrogance of the angels that occupy the Blue Star, and their need to flaunt their superior intelligence, we now know that the old order has been replaced by the new One. What mankind will choose to do with this knowledge remains to be seen.

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