"And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man; and every living soul died in the sea." Revelation 16:3.

Blood Bath

L.C. Thomas

        The second vial of the seven last plagues contains one of the deadliest viruses to ever exist on the planet, and since Revelation 16:3 says that every living soul died in the sea, I think that this verse is not talking about the killing of fish in the ocean, it's foretelling the massacre of a great many people instead. And Revelation 16:2, when combined with Revelation 16:3, is pointing out who these people are by depicting them as creatures of the sea, because one of the symbols used by Christianity is the fish. All you need do to verify what I just said is read the end of verse two. The plague released from vial number one fell upon them which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image. (See Aftershock).

        If you've been reading The Night Watchman on a regular basis, then you know where I stand on Russia, and you surely know what I think of Vladimir Putin. Despite what President Bush says about him I know he is one of eight principal men (see Micah 5:5 and The New Millennium). Putin along with his European cohorts (the ten horns) mean to do harm to the United States and they are using the forces of Islam as cannon fodder to accomplish their goal.

        The ten horns have been supplying militant Islam with weapons of mass destruction in the shadows while they pretend to help us fight the war against terrorism to our face. This is why Daniel 11:26 says of Osama Bin Laden, he shall not stand: for they (the ten horns) shall forecast devices against him. In other words the real enemies of the United States have every intention of taking Osama Bin Laden out, they just have no intention of doing it themselves.

        First the ten horns through the United Nations called for the deployment of peace keeping forces in Bosnia. In return the United States answered that call. Then other hot spots erupted, and each time they did, the United States sent in troops as part of an international peace keeping force. To the best of my knowledge the troops we sent to these places are still obligated to be there and won't be coming back soon.

        During this same time period our military was undergoing a significant downsizing. Now we have been pitted against Osama Bin Laden, even though he could have been stopped years ago and wasn't. The reason he wasn't stopped is because someone knew they would need him in the future to stretch the military resources of the United States even thinner. And now, as the war on terrorism escalates into countries like Iraq, the United States will become even more dependant on the very conspirators that intend to take us out. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that people in Europe or Russia as a whole are a part of this conspiracy. However, many in these countries are allowing themselves to be manipulated the same way the German people were at the beginning of World War II. Some tactics never change, and when the time is right the conspirators of Revelation 17:11-17 will make their move against this country in Revelation 16:8 when the fourth angel pours out his vial upon the sun.

        You can see this scenario beginning to unfold on the nightly news with the escalating tensions between Pakistan and India. As Pakistan moves its troops away from the Afghan border in response to a buildup of troops from India, Osama and his people become free to move back into Afghanistan, and that's exactly what the conspirators want. As long as Osama and his crew are out there doing their thing, the eyes of the world are on them and not on the true culprits, the ten horns.

        I don't remember all of the specifics, but a case in point took place a year before the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, when some of the hijackers met with a high ranking Iraqi official equivalent to someone in our CIA. The significance of that meeting is, in 1998 a man named Scott Ritter resigned his position with the United Nations as a weapons inspector in Iraq. Ritter is an American and his job was to find the weapons of mass destruction being built by Saddam. He quit and testified before congress to protest the fact that he wasn't being permitted to do his job. This is important because as I told you in The Russian Prophet, it doesn't take an army to accomplish your goals. It only takes a handful of operatives working behind the scenes to move things in the direction you want them to go.

        I'm not trying to say that our own CIA is corrupt as a unit, but what I am saying is that recent events in the news like a well respected agent of the FBI selling secrets to the Russians have shown us at the very least that we need to be careful who in our own government we trust now. This is what I meant in America Be Warned when I said that there were people within our own government that are loyal to the Antichrist and his cause.

        The way this all ties into the seven last plagues has been unfolding right in front of our eyes for years now on the nightly news. The United Nations shut down its weapons inspection program in Iraq in 1998 because someone high up in the organization knew what Saddam was doing and wanted it to continue. You see what the ten horns knew was that Saddam Hussein had the means to manufacture diseases, but he didn't have a way to distribute them or use what he had to its fullest potential. That's where Osama Bin Laden came into the picture. He had ties to the CIA and other secret organizations, and he also had control of Afghanistan, which had developed smuggling routes to points all over the world through its heroin trade. By teaming these two, the Antichrist's special operatives opened up a distribution network for some of the most lethal biological agents mankind has ever known. What's more, these diseases were smuggled to wherever they were going to be used long before the attacks on 9/11 ever took place. It's just a matter of time now before the agents of militant Islam trained in the terror camps of Afghanistan begin using them.

        Although the United States shut down its bioweapons program in 1969 Russia continued theirs even after the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1989. After the breakup government funding for the Soviet bioweapons program decreased dramatically and many of the biologists that worked on the program found themselves with out a paycheck and ended up in countries like Iraq. Anthrax, smallpox and the Black Death are among the diseases developed into weapons by these experts who are thought to have carried samples with them when they left Russia and went to such countries as Iraq, Syria, Libya, China, Iran, India, and possibly Israel.

        The weaponized disease that concerns us in this article is an extremely lethal cousin of the Ebola virus that broke out at a vaccine factory in Marburg, Germany in 1967. A strain of the Marburg virus was brought back to Russia by one of its intelligence officers, and in 1988 while experimenting with it on guinea pigs, a Russian scientist named Nikolai Ustinov accidentally pricked himself in the finger with it through two layers of rubber gloves. His fellow scientists watched him bleed to death through his eyes, mouth and rectum and never lifted a hand to save him. They say he even sweated blood through the pores of his skin, leaving bloody finger prints on the pages of his diary before he died.

        During the autopsy performed in a spacesuit morgue at the Vector facility in western Siberia, the strain of Marburg virus that infected Dr. Ustinov was found to be incredibly lethal producing effects in the human body that were said to be terrifying. The team of pathologists performing the autopsy on the dead doctor removed some vital organs, but more important to this article, they also removed a quantity of his destroyed blood. They froze the blood and body parts to keep the strain alive and then started to replicate it in the laboratory. This particular strain of the Marburg virus was named Variant U (after Dr. Ustinov) and the researchers working with it soon learned how to mass-produce it in simple bioreactors. Variant U was then dried and processed into an inhalable dust. The particles were then coated to protect them in the air so that they could drift for miles.

        In 1990 an airborne test of the effects of Variant U was performed on monkeys in specially built explosion-test chambers. Researchers found that just one to five microscopic particles of this disease lodged in the lung of a test monkey was almost guaranteed to kill the animal the same way Dr. Ustinov died in 1988. Normal weapons-grade anthrax by comparison takes about eight thousand microscopic spores lodged in the lungs of its victim to guarantee death.

        Variant U was on the verge of being ready to manufacture in large quantities as Boris Yeltsin came to power in 1991. Whether or not it was ever loaded into warheads and put on a MIRV missile is unknown. A MIRV is an intercontinental ballistic missile that has ten cone shaped warheads on it, and each is targeted at a different location. Each warhead is equipped with a special cooling system that keeps its biological cargo alive during the heat of reentry into the earth's atmosphere. As each warhead leaves the mother ship it is parachuted over its target city where it breaks apart at a chosen altitude. Out of each warhead comes a spray of over one-hundred oval bomblets about the size of a cantaloupe that fly out a distance and then split into overlapping patterns releasing a haze of particles that rapidly become invisible.

        This haze of particles would create a virtual blood bath, that if it were to happen, would shower its target with a disease that was made from exactly what Revelation 16:3 foretold as the second plague of the end times. And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man. However, I don't believe that missiles will be the delivery system used here in the United States. The delivery system that will be used here is described in Revelation 16:4, as the third angel poured out his vial.

To Be Continued....

Special thanks to S. J. Brown, our editor at large, for finding the second plague.

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