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Night Watchman

The Night Watchman


One If By Land, Two If  By See

The Eighth Chapter Of Daniel

The Russian Prophet

Divided By One

Chain Reaction

Time Lock

Striking Distance

Bad Moon Rising



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Tainted Seed

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A Brief Look At Tomorrow

     Nostradamus is one of the most well known, and at the same time least understood prophets in history. His quatrains concerning the events leading up to the end times or last days foretold by the prophets of the Bible are just as accurate, yet he is ignored by its scholars who dismiss his predictions because they think he practiced the occult. Whatever he practiced, it gave him an uncanny ability to describe the events that surround the new millennium.

A Brief Look At Tomorrow, author L.C. Thomas takes what is foretold by the Bible and combines that information with the quatrains of Nostradamus to identify the leaders that are in place on the world stage today, who at the turn of this century will begin to gather mankind together and take us to a place called in the Hebrew tongue, Armageddon.

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Identifying the Antichrist and False Prophet

The Night Watchman

News Watch



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Night Visions

The Guard Tower


1: The New  Millennium

2: Israel Be Warned

3: America Be Warned

4: Twilight's Last Gleaming

5: Children Of The Sun

The Seven Last Plagues

Seven Last Plagues


1: Pestilence

2: Blood Bath

3: Airborne Contagion

4: Scorched Earth

5: Boomtown

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